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Christian Fioravanti Announces Candidacy for Idaho State Senate District 1


Bonners Ferry, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Christian Fioravanti of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, has officially announced his candidacy for District 1 State Senate. Christian, a candidate with the Constitution Party, has been forced into the May 20th primary due to a last minute challenger filing after him early this month. “This challenger from Blanchard, Idaho, is unknown to me and the party. I do know he does not support our party principles of limited government and the Constitution. Our party chairman called him and was told by the candidate; he is pro-abortion and supports Obamacare,” Christian said.

This will be a closed primary for the Constitution Party. That means, the only people that can vote in this particular primary are Constitution Party voters. The only other possibility is if an unaffiliated voter chose to be affiliated with the Constitution Party. In that case, the voter could request a Constitution Party ballot in the primary to vote for Christian.

Christian currently serves as host of the Idaho Politics radio show. His broadcast reaches voters across the state, informing them on issues facing Idaho, and interviewing candidates for office. He is also the founder of

Christian is a small business man. He is the co-owner of Avanti Web Services and owner of Christian Fioravanti Consulting. He is the author of “Attractionology 3.0” and co-author of “How to Get 100 Customers in 100 Days.” His books and marketing courses teach small business owners how to attract more customers through the internet.

After the primary, Christian plans on reaching out to all of the voters of North Idaho by setting up local meet and greets, doing town hall events, and speaking at candidate forums. “I will be sharing the message of Liberty and learning as much as I can from the people of North Idaho. The people have plenty of input on what is ailing our communities, and I intend to listen” said Christian. A few of Christian’s platform issues are, “…protecting citizen’s private property rights from the overreaching feds, restoring Idaho’s state lands and putting our loggers back to work, removing obstacles for small businesses to expand and hire new employees, repeal the Idaho Healthcare Exchange (Obamacare) and reducing the cost of care with a free market approach, and creating higher standards in education.”

If you would like to learn more about Christian Fioravanti, please visit, or call him at (208) 502-0253.