Christian Publisher Shows People How to Profit from Their Own Stories


Simpsonville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- Religitech Records announced today the re-release of two audiobooks designed to inspire and instruct new writers how to get paid from their work.

“How To Write Your Way Out of Poverty,” and “Unlocking Your Potential To Create Unlimited Wealth,” are available for immediate download at According to MediaBistro.Com professional, Aneya Fernando, freelance writers should vary their sources of income because of aggered assignments, varying rates and delayed payments. “I was paid over $2,000 in writers royalties for just one song that only took five minutes to write,” Bernette Williams, CEO of Religitech said.

“Most people have very interesting and inspiring life stories to share if they stopped to think about it. Their stories, miracles, songs or jokes can easily be produced, packaged and sold online, thus creating an additional source of income for almost any writer Williams authored the two audio books to encourage new writers to develop their passion for writing and pursue as many opportunities as possible. The audiobooks offer step-by-step instructions and inspirational content designed to motivate new writers to start writing their own stories or songs with one goal, which is to share them with the world. Williams has been writing for nearly 30 years and offers tips and examples of how to turn ideas into sources of income. Both audiobooks are available online now.

About Religitech
Religitech is a Christian based recording and video production company that also specialize in video promotion and Audio Book Creation Services for new writers and recording artists. The company is located online at and their physical office is located at 112 Davenport Rd. Ste # 208, Simpsonville, NC 29680. Email: