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Forgiven Jewelry Showcases Sports Necklaces With Christian Ideals

Stylish and Affordable Christian and Sports Jewelry Available Online


Ravenna, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- Forgiven Jewelry showcases a large selection of specialty Christian sports necklaces, offering an ideal combination for youth who want to showcase their hobbies, their faith and their style all in one affordable package.

One popular style of sports necklace currently available is an aluminum dog tag with options depicting basketball, football, baseball and soccer.

On the front is an artistic and colorful picture of the sport, embossed with enamel coating. On the back is the quote from Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It's a powerful message that easily translates into athletics, and it's something that kids will love to showcase.

Another stylish choice for sports necklaces from Forgiven Jewelry is a circular pendant with either a basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer ball or football on the front, with the same verse etched onto the back. The verse is also embossed on the front around the edge of the circle.

There are also sports mood necklaces available. These stylish necklaces have the Biblical verse etched into the back of the pendant, with the sport on the front, and a line of the heat activated mood material around the ball.

All of the sports necklaces from Forgiven Jewelry are available for less than $10. It's an unbeatable combination of affordability, along with style, a strong expression of Christian faith and ideals, and the sports that kids love to play and watch so much.

In addition to sports necklaces, Forgiven Jewelry also carries other jewelry pieces and accessories with sports themes, including bracelets. These adjustable leather bracelets have a colored background depicting various sports with overlaid text of the same Biblical verse.

Forgiven Jewelry is also known as an online leader for purity rings, True Love Waits jewelry, abstinence rings and much more. All of their products are priced affordably, making it easy for teenagers to buy a few for themselves, and also making them ideal for school or church sales and stores.

Teenagers love to express themselves, and there's no better way to let them do that than with Christian messages interwoven with their personalities and styles. To see the full selection of Christian jewelry available from Forgiven Jewelry, including the stylish line of sports necklaces, visit

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Forgiven Jewelry is a family run organization dedicated to provided affordable, high quality Christian inspired jewelry. Available product lines include purity rings, chastity rings, promise rings, True Love Waits jewelry, and other Christian rings, bracelets and necklaces. Christian ideals can flourish and be spread amongst youth and teens, and they can be stylish and proud to wear them at the same time. The full product line can be viewed at