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Christians Find Bible Verses on Faith and Increase Bible Knowledge at Goodbibleverses.org


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Why is faith so important? The new website http://GoodBibleVerses.org answers questions like this by featuring bible verses on faith along with tips on how to increase understanding of the Bible.

The website focuses on several ways for a Christian to incorporate good bible verses into their everyday life. It discusses several verses and their meanings on such topics as marriage, friendship, faith, healing and patience. The website encourages readers to start their study by learning these short bible verses choices as part of their biblical arsenal to apply to their Christian beliefs.

In addition to offering several inspirational bible verses for memorization and pondering, the site describes several way and resources to study biblical passages more in depth. For those looking to become theologians, ministers or pastors, the website reviews the top five accredited online Biblical colleges. The advantages and disadvantages of well-known colleges like Bethany College, Trinity Bible College and Anderson Theology Seminary are explored in the Bible Review section. The site also includes resources for several youth bible study lessons and courses.

“At some point in every Bible scholar’s life, there is a moment when you realize that the Bible you are reading is a translation. This could be when you realize certain groups base their theology off of a single interpreted version of the Bible in order to make sense of their beliefs. Possibly this realization arrives when you are searching for an answer to a biblical question, and come across two apparently different answers from different interpretations of the same verse,” Goodbibleverses.org states on its website. The section on Understanding Biblical Greek Hebrew discusses study and course options for those who want to discover more about the original language of the bible. A final resource for theologians is covered on the site – the books and teachings of Biblical teacher Beth Moore who has written several Bible study guides.

Whether a reader is looking for an inspirational bible verse to get through a tough spot or a way to further their theological studies Goodbibleverses.org is reaching out to the Christian community as a one-stop resource for biblical studies.

About Goodbibleverses.org
Goodbibleverses.org is a complete website for Christians who are looking to enhance their bible knowledge. They provide all the necessary tools to grow faith through unique bible memorization techniques. For more information, visit http://goodbibleverses.org.