Christina Diamond Seeks Support via Funding Genie Crowdfunding Platform for the Protection of Her Daughter Nadia.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- Nadia was born in Miami in 2008 and lived with both Christina and her boyfriend at the time. They were never married and lived in Miami until she was 18 months old, when they relocated to Illinois. They have not been together since said partner left them in August, 2011.

There was no paternity hearing and therefore, no custody determined. The only contact between Nadia and this man thereafter was through long distance telephone calls. Christina contacted Nadia’s father in July of 2012, and asked him if he would please try to work with her to put any issues they had behind them and partner together (but live separately) to raise Nadia. Christina didn’t want her daughter to miss out on a relationship with her father.

In September of 2012, Nadia and Christina relocated to Florida, so that she could have the active participation of both parents in her life. Christina accepted a temporary job and started work. She also enrolled Nadia in pre-school, (though not an educational requirement). Everything went smoothly and life began to fall into place.

However, very soon, Nadia began to come home from her father’s house relating stories of things she had been “told”, mainly about Christina. There were also tales of how the new girlfriend would be her new mommy when “mommy goes away”. She expressed genuine fear as to where Christina would go, and asked how she “could ever leave her”. Things worsened further to the extent when child protection was called in.

At present, Christina  needs to hire two appellate attorneys- one in IL and on in FL. $7500 is for the retainer for one of the Attorneys.

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