Joe Bragg

Christmas Toy Site Launched to Get the Scoop on the Top Christmas Toys of 2013

The most important gift day of the year is more than six months away, but this new site is getting an early start to provide parents with the most insightful information possible.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Christmas is one of the most significant economic events of the year, more so for the toy industry than for anyone else. It should come as no surprise then that toy manufacturers are already gearing up for the holiday season six months in advance, announcing planned releases in the same way games and technology now launch. The attempts by competing manufacturers to create excitement around their releases also afford Christmas Toy Site an opportunity it has been specially created for: to review toys ahead of the Christmas period so parents can choose the top Christmas toys in 2013.

The site offers insights on toys of all kinds, from Blue Furby’s to Nerf Hail Fire Elite Blasters. Every review comes with a list of the key features as well as a summary introduction and often video or other multimedia options so parents can see the toy in action.

Every review looks at the hot toys for Christmas from a parent’s perspective, answering questions as to the suitability of the toys for different age groups and what other parents have experienced from the toy.

A spokesperson for Christmas Toy Site explained, “We have created this site in order to make sure that parents aren’t getting short changed by believing all the hype. Sometimes the most valuable insight is from parents themselves, as they can professionally detach themselves from the excitement of the season to offer impartial insights. We can do just that because we have a long time before Christmas in which to preview these things. The site already has reviews of some of the most hotly anticipated products, and will be updated regularly all the way to Christmas. Each review is created by a parent with a view to giving insights from a parents perspective as well as feedback from their children.”

About Christmas Toy Site
Blue Spark Media have created this site to give a general round up of the most popular toys available this year. Each retailer brings out their own list of toys that are selling really well. Blue Spark Media review each of these toys and give specialist feedback from veteran parents. The reviews on the site can help consumers to decide which toys are best for their children. For more information, please visit: