Christmas tree Skirt Designs by Sharon

Christmas Tree Skirt Designs Releasing Its 2012 Christmas Tree Skirt Collection


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Christmas Tree Skirt Designs by Sharon ( is announcing to the public today the roll out of the new 2012 Christmas tree skirt collection, which will include the new Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt range as well as the Mini Christmas Tree Skirt collection.

Sharon Butler, media contact and owner of the site was asked earlier about the skirts and the new 2012 collection. "It's hard to believe that the holidays are upon us and so we decided to get the newest 2012 Christmas tree skirts collection on the site so people could begin placing their orders. The skirts are all custom designed, which means each is an original. When creating the skirts I use the top of the line materials so that the skirts can become a family heirloom and still look beautiful many years from now. I made skirts for family members many years ago and they still use them every year and the skirts still look brand new! I take pride in my work and 'excellence' is my standard".

Asked what the inspiration was behind the Christmas tree skirt designs, Ms. Butler said, "Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I remember as a child helping to decorate the family Christmas tree, it always made the entire house smell so good! The skirt was something that was very important as it gave the tree that 'finished' look and I was the one that always placed the skirt long before any presents ever ended up under the tree! As a young adult, I was looking for a store bought skirt, but could not find one I liked. I ended up at a material store and chose the material and colors and decided I would make my own that year! I still have that first skirt I made"!

"The quilted skirts have turned out to be a huge hit for us and we love the warmth and joy it brings during the holiday season. The mini skirts are perfect for those that live in smaller spaces. Having a Christmas tree skirted regardless of the size is very important. We have found that many people give these tree skirts as Christmas presents and they have been a huge hit when used as gifts", Ms. Butler added.

Asked about the future of the website and Christmas tree Skirt Designs, Ms. Butler said, "We envision adding more designs, colors, and options since we are seeing a lot more traffic to the website and orders are already beginning to come in for the upcoming 2012 Christmas season. I personally love working with different materials and colors and I am constantly working to create new designs and styles. My customers never cease to amaze me with delight in coming up with colors, fabrics, and designs when they want a custom made skirt".

About Christmas Tree Skirt Designs by Sharon
Christmas Tree Skirt Designs is a fabulous collection of custom skirts for any size Christmas tree. The theme for the 2012 collection appears to be the quilted skirts and mini tree skirts, but the company also makes skirts that are specially designed and even elegant if that is what the customer desires. Sharon Butler takes pride in her work and loves to bring a smile to the faces of all who see the Christmas tree skirts. They are one of a kind and made of high-quality materials and designed to last a lifetime.