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Christopher Dahm Voted Top Financial Consultant of the Year 2012


Pasadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2012 -- Christopher Dahm is happy to announce that he has been voted Top Financial Consultant of the Year in 2012 for his work in South Florida.

South Florida offers a great deal of diversity in clients as well as diversity in assets for a Financial Consultant. Dahm is happy for the challenges presented by clients living in the South Florida area and he cannot imagine working anywhere else.

Dahm believes he was voted for this award not only because he generates high returns but because he develops real and meaningful relationships with his clients. When asked about why he was voted for the award he stated, "I really believe that having a relationship with your client that is meaningful beyond the simple point of money means the client and the consultant have a lot more freedom and more importantly, trust of each other. Plus a consultant that knows he is trusted and liked by his client often works much harder than one who does not nurture those sorts of relationships."

In addition to his relationship building skills, clients voted Dahm the Top Financial Consultant because he has been able to consistently achieve high results and returns for his clients. He credits this with his ability to work long, hard hours for his clients. Also, he believes his varied background in business gives him an edge over financial consultants that may have only ever done consulting in their careers.

Dahm has always enjoyed working in the field of business but never realized he would meet so much success in financial consulting. "I really think I've found what I love to do, and what I'm good at," Dahm stated when asked about his relatively short time in financial consulting. Dahm has the track record to back up his success as well, earning a few other awards in 2012.

Christopher Dahm lives and works in South Florida. He enjoys the outdoors, exercise, swimming, and giving to charity and helpful organizations. He is a longtime supporter of local organizations which are helpful to the community. For questions or comments concerning this release contact Christopher Dahm.