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Christopher Strong, the 'Bicycle Gourmet' Announces the Release of 'French Travel Finds'


Paris, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2016 -- Filmmaker/Photographer Christoper Strong, Author of "More Than a Year in Provence, has announced the release of his latest book - French Travel Finds.

Explaining his choice of subject matter, Mr. Strong said: "Although my French Country Travel Life has gifted me with memorable meetings with remarkable people, and thus, great experiences to share, which I have done via my books and my lifestyle-adventure series "Bicycle Gourmet's Treasures of France", I thought it was time to also share some of the locations and accommodations that made those experiences so richly unforgettable."

When asked what inspired this change of direction, Mr. Strong replied: "My friends, basically. Every time one of them would come to me and ask: 'Do you know of a place that's quiet, not too expensive and authentically reflects French Culture' - I'd open my rolodex and hook them up."

Mr. Strong doesn't feel he's changing direction with French Travel Finds:

"French Travel Finds" isn't really a change of direction for me. More like a complimentary detour. One that, I hope, will permit others to get closer to personally experiencing the authentic texture of French Country Life. Rest assured my "More Than a Year in Provence" series is far from finished. I hope to have book two out soon."

Victoria Hepplewhite, Media Relations