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CHS Online High School Reports High School Graduation Rates Continue to Rise presents a new way for students who don't have a high school diploma to obtain one and further their career


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- According to the United States Department of Education, 78.2 percent of high school students graduate on time, with graduation rates increasing for all ethnic groups as of 2010. Sadly, 21.8 percent of students fail to graduate on time or at all. For those who don't obtain a high school diploma, CHS Online High School offers a program which allows students to obtain their diploma in a very short period of time.

"Education remains of great importance if one wishes to get ahead in life. Although there are stories of individuals who failed to graduate from high school, yet went on to have amazing success, these stories tend to be far and few between. Studies show those with a high school diploma make more than those who fail to graduate. Anyone who has yet to obtain their high school diploma will find the online diploma program offered through CHS Online High School to be of great help," James Bellamy, spokesperson for CHS Online High School, declares.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports individuals lacking a high school diploma have median annual earnings of $22,910, while those with a high school diploma have median annual earnings of $29,960. Those who obtain a high school diploma and go on to take college courses see an increase in median annual earnings to $32,580, and those with a associate's degree witness an increase of median annual earnings to $35,720. As one sees, the more education a person completes, the higher his or her pay, with these statistics reflecting earnings in 2012.

One needs to continue their education to move forward in their field and increase their annual wages. Finding the time to do this continues to be an issue many struggle with, yet with the help of CHS Online High School, furthering one's education has never been easier. Potential students need to review the Requirements For An Online Degree to see how they may obtain credit for their life experience, Bellamy explains.

To understand what one must do for completion of the program, students need to visit the FAQ's About Online Diplomas section of the website. The program requires no student class time and students find the company offers a variety of tuition options. CHS Online High School stands behind its products and services and offers a money back guarantee for those who find they aren't satisfied with any part of the process.

"Visit CHS Online High School today to learn more. American businesses value education and reward those workers who strive to further their learning. Don't fall behind due to the lack of a high school diploma. With the help of CHS Online High School, anyone can achieve their educational goals and watch their career take off," Bellamy states.

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