Chubby's Cruisers

Chubby's Cruisers Launches Customized Cruiser Bikes to Meet Increasing Public Demand

Chubby's Criusers Is The Largest Beach Cruiser Retailer In The United States


Culver City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2013 -- A recent survey indicated the number of Americans riding a bicycle on a daily basis is increasing by approximately 25 percent each year. The majority of these cyclists ride their bicycles for health and fitness reasons, but following closely as the second most common justification is environmental concern. Many cyclists also ride their bikes to avoid traffic related congestion, to save money on fuel and to avoid the hassles and expenses pertaining to parking. Due to this upsurge in biking popularity, Chubby's Cruisers has launched a campaign to meet increasing public demand with their top quality Cruiser Bikes at easily affordable prices.

Nicole Alamillo, owner and founder of Chubby's Cruisers, explained, "During a one hour bike ride, even at a leisurely pace, an average sized person burns at least 500 calories. Additionally, fuel costs exceed $150 each month for a single person, just for commuting to and from work on a daily basis. We realize riding a bicycle to work may not be possible in every situation, but the health benefits alone are reason enough to spend an hour on a bicycle at least a few times each week. This is where my company comes in."

Alamillo continued, "We provide the largest selection of Beach Cruisers available; furthermore, we customize our bikes to meet the personal styles of our customers. We offer a variety of colors, for our frames and rims, so our customers can easily design a one of a kind bicycle they will love to ride. Many of our parts come with limited manufacturer's warranties. Customers are welcomed to visit our website for further details regarding these warranties. We also carry an extensive selection of parts and accessories for bikes. We literally offer Cruiser brands from A to Z. See our website for our selection of Cruiser Bikes, Bike Size Chart, Bike Basket, Helmet Size Chart and our variety of accessories."

About Chubby's Cruisers
Established in 2003, by Nicole Alamillo, Chubby's Cruisers is a privately owned beach cruiser shop located in the beach cruiser capitol of Southern California. They are a small woman owned business that was created in Alamillo's back yard. As a college student working two unfulfilling jobs, Alamillo decided to bring about a revolution in the beach cruiser market. Her goal was to sell quality bicycles at an affordable price. Today, Chubby's Cruisers has grown to become the largest beach cruiser retailer in the United States, offering a variety of quality bicycles to fit numerous styles and budgets. Choosing from only manufacturers who stand behind their products, Alamillo and her company proudly stand true to her original goals and provide custom built bikes to meet the needs of their customers.