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Chuck Hedges Announces One-Time Piano Education Event

Company's push will benefit students of all levels in a variety of ways


Thunder Bay, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Online piano education specialist Chuck Hedges announced the commencement of a limited-run, one-time event designed to teach musicians of all levels how to improve their skills with the instrument. The event will incorporate a variety of lessons appropriate for various skill levels, as well as educational materials intended to help students learn how to effectively find and pursue further training. The company's previous educational efforts have helped a large number of piano students advance and specialize, and representatives expect that this initiative will benefit even more of them.

"The piano is the most versatile and, many say, rewarding musical instrument of all," spokesman Bruno Auger said, "but securing top-quality lessons can be a difficult task. We aim to make it easier for every hopeful piano student to make the most of their time spent with the instrument." One of the largest and most mechanically sophisticated of all acoustic musical instruments, the piano also has an unmatched tonal range. It is a mainstay of a wide variety of musical styles and is capable, under the hands of accomplished players, of producing music of peerless complexity thanks to the ability to produce separate notes with each of the ten fingers.

In addition to these capabilities, the piano makes an excellent first instrument for beginning musicians. The layout of its keyboard overtly reflects the organization of the staff used in sheet music, so that musicians who gain proficiency with the instrument simultaneously improve their sight-reading and grounding in musical theory. All of these factors together have made the piano one of the most popular instruments of all among amateur musicians, with well over ten million pianos having permanent places in homes in North America.

"While many have previously satisfied themselves with sub-par, in-person instruction," Auger continued, "there are an incredible number of high-caliber online resources that students can take advantage of. Our event is designed to make students better piano players and also to equip them to best utilize these assets." The online event sponsored by Chuck Hedges will consist of high-quality lessons of several sorts, as well as guides and seminars aimed at helping students become adept at finding further such opportunities. The company's website is already the premier online resource for piano players of all skill levels and will continue to expand its offerings in the near future.

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