Cielo WiGle Inc Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Create the Smart Solution for a Wholesome Smart Home


Redmond, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2014 -- Cielo WiGle is looking to create connected smart homes by introducing an all encompassing product basket comprising of WiGle, WiLi, WiSe, and WiCam. These smart devices have been designed to smarten up the existing remote controlled appliances, surroundings, dimmable lights, and the environment of the home. Users will be able to control their ACs & TVs, home environment, lights, and the surroundings through WiGle, WiSe, WiLi, and WiCam, respectively. Most importantly, all these devices can be controlled using a single mobile application.

Functionally speaking, WiGle is a brand independent wireless device that can control any IR based air conditioner or television from anywhere. This energy saving device is capable of controlling fan speed, temperature, air direction and much more. WiCam users can watch, listen & talk to their home just by plugging the WiCam inside their home. WiLi is a Wi-Fi and BLE enabled adapter that can be used to control light bulbs from any brand. Finally, WiSe alerts users of all noticeable changes in their home environment in their absence.

All these highly sophisticated devices are extremely user friendly.

In order to benefit from these devices, users are only required to:

-Place their WiLi between the light and its holder.
-Place their WiGle near the appliance that needs to be controlled.
-Place the Wise anywhere in their home.
-Place WiCam at a suitable location in the home.

The mobile application automatically senses the home Wi-Fi and the Cielo WiGle devices. Thereafter, it becomes a breeze for users to control and manage their connected appliances, lights, surroundings, and environment.

Cielo WiGle has already completed two rounds of successful prototyping, bug fixing, code upgrades, and algorithmic and power consumption optimization for their products. At present, the prototypes are in the user testing, trials and feedback phase. With successful funding via Kickstarter, the team is looking forward to the completion of their development stage by April, 2015.

The funding goal for the campaign is $50,000, and this amount needs to be raised before the end of the campaign on December 31, 2014.

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About Cielo WiGle
Cielo WiGle Inc. is a Delaware corporation with head office in Redmond, USA. Their R&D team is based in Islamabad, Pakistan and manufacturing partners are based in Shenzhen, China. This global combination of business, R&D and manufacturing enables us them deliver high quality products within the promised timeline.