CigaretteE Ranks Top 10 E-Cigarette Providers, Publishes Around the World News on E-Cigarettes


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2013 --, a website dedicated in providing reviews of various e-cigarette companies, has recently published its Top 10 E-Cigarettes list based on the analysis and comparison carried out by its professionals. The website also provides news on how e-cigarettes are being perceived around the world and what the medical institutions are concluding on its use. Many of the site visitors have complimented the comprehensive reviews and have stated that has helped them make an informed decision.

The reviews published by cover all important aspects of an e-cigarette. Design, nicotine strength, vapor volume, flavors, battery performance and cost are all discussed in each E-Cigarette review. Furthermore a brief conclusion is also followed to help interested buyers comprehend what is to be expected from the product. A Top 10 list is a result of the comparisons of the features of every E-Cigarette. Currently V2 Cigs is at no. 1 with Green Smoke taking the 2nd place and Smoke Tip the 3rd.

The website is also known for discussing how various countries are reacting to the increasing consumption of e-cigarettes. One of the articles published on the site discusses the upcoming ban on public smoking in Russia and how it will affect e-cigarette users. According to the article the reason behind smoking tar based cigarettes in public places is practiced in many other countries due to the health risks of nearby individuals. However the Russian parliament is planning to ban all smoking products that resemble a cigarette which will include e-cigarettes and even chewing gums shaped as cigarettes. But the article also clearly mentions this has no effect on buying or selling e-cigarettes within Russia. This ban will not have an effect on current and future e-cigarette users, who can continue to use the product in non-public areas, concluded the article.

The website through its informative articles also identifies various authorities’ stand on E-Cigarettes. For example one of their articles gives light to the newly formed organization Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA), whose mission is to categorize E-Cigarettes as a non-tobacco product. Many such associations are also trying to distinguish E-Cigarette from normal tobacco products however the government has not come up with a definite category for E-Cigarettes but due to the many smokers shifting to E-Cigarettes a stand will soon have to be made.

About is one of the leading websites in providing reviews of various E-cigarette companies. Through their online platform,, these comprehensive reviews can be viewed. The website is known for offering first hand consumer experience of the products and for its Top 10 E-Cigarette Companies list. The website also offers World News on E-Cigarettes.

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