Joe Bragg Demystifies the World of Budget Price Cigars


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2012 -- Cigars are often regarded as an exclusive and expensive privilege, reserved for special occasions. It’s often understood that enjoying cigars as a daily pleasure is the exclusive reserve of some kind of business magnate or millionaire. However it will come as a pleasant surprise in these tight economic times that many good quality and delicious cigars can be found for surprisingly low prices, and sometimes fine cigars can sell for as little as five dollars or less.

One cigar related website which has gained a lot of attention recently is This cigar review website continues to enjoy a reputation as the internet’s premier cigar resource, and it has sprung back into the public attention with a popular and well timed article discussing a selection of the most interesting cigars under $5.

The article delves into the often impenetrable world of low price cigars. While many budget conscious cigar smokers are condemned to suffer through boxes of Swishers Sweets or other poor quality, machine rolled “gas station” cigars visitors to will discover the delicious smokes that can be enjoyed for only a fraction more. doesn’t exclusively deal with low priced cigars. The website is replete with detailed and comprehensive reviews of cigars in every price range, from the most humble Honduran to the finest Havana. Genuine cigar enthusiasts review each cigar in an unbiased and objective way, taking factors like taste, construction and burn into consideration. There are also articles on other relevant subjects, such as cigar-related gift ideas.

A spokesperson for the site said: “It’s surprising how many fine cigars can be bought with a fairly low price tag. While cigars remain expensive in general, there are certainly good cigars at every price point. The cigars that we review in our article are perfect for cigar smokers on a tight budget who want a cheap smoke without sacrificing quality. They are also perfect for dedicated cigar lovers who would like something a little less special to burn when it’s not such a special occasion. We wrote this article to show that, contrary to expectations, you don’t have to settle for a substandard smoke even if you’re seriously reigning in your budget. “

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