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Cinegearpro Ltd. to Offer a Wide Range of Filming and Broadcasting Equipment


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Cinegearpro Ltd. is offering a wide range of equipment that is being used on media and production purposes such as filming and broadcasting equipment. The professional products that are being offered by the company include rig components, lighting, video monitoring, stabilizers, motion controls, and sliders or dollies. Some of the brands of professional products offered by the company are Lanparte and Tilta.

In the media department, especially in the production, it is always essential that the crews are using quality production tools and equipment in order to ensure that the release or the output is guaranteed to have high quality. In this field, it is not only the skills of the crew are the ones needed in order to guarantee the output of the work since it also depend on the equipment that are being used. When skills and quality production equipment are perfectly utilized and combined, then it will only result one thing, which is an excellent output that will both of the makers and the viewers.

To guarantee an excellent output, broadcasting and the whole production team must have a company that will supply them the needed equipment. That is the main purpose of Cinegearpro Ltd., to provide quality production equipment that can be used to produce a production output that will signify the professionalism of its makers.

Cinegearpro Ltd is both a distributor and importer of especially selected production tools and products. The company is based in London and is considered as one of the leading importer and distributor of production equipment in the industry of media. Aside from the wide range of broadcasting and filming equipment offered by the company, it is also offering services such as rental of this equipment. As a wholesaler and retailers of these tools and product, the company is proud to say that all these are also offered at an affordable price. The company is supplying these tools and products such as shoulder rig , BMCC , follow focus to all sector in the industry including film schools, production companies, independent filmmakers around the world, and to employees in main stream media.

The reason why Cinegearpro Ltd. established the business and offered these services is to provide an affordable source, distributor, supplier and rentals of Filming and Broadcasting Equipment.

For more information about Cinegearpro Ltd. and the wide range of production tools and products it is offering, please feel free to visit its website at , call the company at +44 (0)20 7998 0905, or send an email by filling out the form presented at the website.

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