"CIO Strategic Wizard Process App" Released on App Store Application Takes Serious CIOs, CFOs, CEOs Business Techies and Business Financial Executives Into Alignment


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- CIO IT WIZARD STRATEGIC PROCESS App available now, at AppStore IPad application takes business CIO techies and business financial and marketing Executives into alignment.

Strategic Wizard Process App which magically eliminates the mystique of IT while it simply aligns the medium to the largest IT Organizations into a Business Strategic Process Plan in a clear and concise manner for CEOs, CIOs and CFOs.

The CIO IT Strategic Wizard Process App teaches IT students and programmers the essential alignment of each program in it's need to relate to the business and strategic value.

Ask the CIO Strategic Wizard? Is backed by some of the world's most experienced CIOs. Executives who have been through billions in acquisition integrations, enterprise implementations, CEO and CFO difficult Q&A sessions, Programming disasters, process insourcing and outsourcing successes and failures, cloud mainframe and everything in between data loss, hacking difficulties and more. If your a CIO and have a Confidential Question, Issue or concern about your business per answer from a cumulative 200 years of the Fortune 500 most experienced CIOs and experienced answers.

Corporate CIO IT Wizard Strategic Process, for CEO's, COO,s, CFO's and CIO'S and Computer Science Students as a foundation tool.

1. The CIO IT Planning Wizard was developed over a 20 year iterative process to allow top effectiveness of Senior Business Management and Sr IT Executives to align IT to Business strategies.
2. The wizards brilliance is built into it simplicity.
3. The Wizard can be used for a single company, single IT environment, or a major corporation with a global organization.
4. The college CIO wizard is invaluable to all students regardless of their majors as long as eventually they will be a part of today's business environment. IT is ubiquitous to all executives. They
must understand how to leverage IT in each business and department to increase their own competitiveness.
" IT advantage is a game changer."
5. College students will find this invaluable towards achieving a college degree, and more so as they carry this practical tool into business.
6. The Strategic IT planning wizard should be an integral part of the business planning One Year annual, Three year, and five year cycles.
7. A Unique outcome as you explore the wizard is to provide top management with IT application alignment and respective costs to achieve business goals.

CIO Worldwide Intellectual Properties, LLC releases CIO IT

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