Circus Social - Marketers and Brands Can Now Build Facebook Apps in 5 Minutes


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- Circus Social, a Singapore based Ogilvy Partner Company that develops social software has launched its Plug and Play Facebook apps offering today, nicknamed Strawhouse. The pay-per-app service allows marketers to create Facebook applications through an easy to use graphical interface for as low as $10/month.

For the price of a single day’s lunch, Circus Social’s Plug and Play Facebook app offering enables marketers to run Facebook campaigns for an entire month. Using a graphical interface that allows a user to drag and drop images and customize text on a host of pre-made templates, users can create extremely customized Facebook apps for their pages and run popular social media campaigns and engagement activities such as Photo Contests and Quizzes.

All of Circus Social’s Facebook apps come with a free 7-day trial period that lets users test an app out before choosing whether or not to go into a subscription plan to use the app further. Post the trial period; users only pay for the apps that they’d like to use. This saves users of Circus Social’s Plug and Play offering from “lump sum” fees of an all-app inclusive package, which other Facebook app providers offer.

“After building custom Facebook applications for some of the biggest brands in Asia such as Coke and Unilever, we feel that quality Facebook apps are the way forward for not just big brands. SMEs are often looking for inexpensive and high quality products for their social media campaigns. We’ve strived to ensure that the quality of the Facebook apps that are created using our Plug and Play service will be as high as those being used by big brands worldwide”, said Shalu Wasu, Managing Director of Circus Social.

He added, “As of now we offer 9 applications in the Plug and Play suite, and have a host of other apps in development that we’ll gradually keep rolling out. The needs and requirements of digital marketers change with the market, and our app suite will keep up with those trends and offer relevant apps whenever required. Our aim is to have an ever-expanding app suite to enable marketers worldwide to always be able to do more with social media.”

Circus Social’s Cover Photo Live is an application that is unique to their suite of apps – no other provider offers such functionality in a Facebook app yet. The app generates dynamic cover photos for a Facebook page based on a number of triggers – such as a particular time, regular time intervals or the page hitting a certain number of fans. The app can also pull in images from a DropBox folder or a particular Instagram hashtag.

About Circus Social
Circus Social is a Singapore-based Ogilvy partner company that specializes in building Social Software for Marketers across the world. Circus Social provides custom solutions, ready-to-use software and consultation services, with a delivery capability across multiple social and mobile platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, iOS, Android, and more.

You can reach Circus Social here, or call them at +65 6417 3053.