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Citrus Water Phase Market to Flourish with an Impressive CAGR by 2027

Citrus Water Phase Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2027


Albany NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2020 -- Citrus Water Phase Market Outlook

The natural flavor's market is growing these days due to its increasing demand in all end-use industries. The citrus water phase is one of the types of flavoring agent that is very widely preferred. During the manufacturing process, various juices lost its aromatic compounds because of evaporation and concentration, at that time water phases come into play and restores the natural aroma of that particular juice. Citrus fruit has an undistinguishable aroma that makes it different from others and which is consist of various oil phase and water phase. These water and oil phases are kept individually and it is used according to the requirement. There are various types of citrus fruits including lime, orange, grapefruit, and pamelos among others that are widely preferred for the production of concentrated extracts as well as essential oils. While the manufacturing process of oils and juices, the vapors obtained from the concentrate and juice by the thermal process are then condensed that are used for the preparation of the citrus water phase. It is used as a supplement in several food and beverage items including ice cream, smoothies, sundaes, desserts, and others as flavor enhancers. Apart from the food and beverage industry, the citrus water phase is used in perfumery industries for the production of several scents. As of now, the market is in the introductory phase however, the market is anticipated to witness significant growth over the upcoming years.

Increasing demand for Natural Aroma and Flavors are Booming the Market

The aroma is something that is very important for the first impression of the food products, it represents the authenticity as well as the quality of the food. The citrus water phase is being used as an additional ingredient that is used to enhance the flavor. The citrus water phase in very widely used in the confectionaries for the production of various candies. Apart from that, from the past decades, the market for different juices including citrus has increased due to the various innovations in the products. Citrus water phase delivers an aromatic as well as tangy flavor to different preparations of stews, and soups among others liquefied cooking. Production of infused oils along with the citrus flavors are developing for its increasing applications in various culinary. Besides that, the citrus water phase is also being used for the syrup preparation that is trickled in cookies, cakes, cocktails, soda, and lemonades. The citrus water phase is anticipated to intensify its applications in the Perfumeries for its uses in the manufacturing of perfumes.

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Citrus Water Phase Market: Regional Analysis

The producers of citrus products in Europe as well as the North America region is producing the citrus water phase. The citrus fruits are majorly produced in the South Asia along with Africa, the producers are purposely growing their production footprint as well as product portfolio in different citrus fruits product categories to boost its market penetration and hence are likely to foot into the citrus water phase market. The convenience in raw material availability in the regions is projected to increase the citrus water phase market.

Citrus Water Phase Market: Key Participants

Key players in the global citrus water phase market are:

Citrus Argentina
Prodalim BV
Ventura Coastal, LLC
Citrus processing India Pvt Ltd.
Ernesto Ventós, S.A.
Florida Worldwide Citrus Products Group, Inc.
Döhler GmbH
Ventos S.A.
Del oro Inc.
Citrosuco S.A.
Citrofrut S.A.