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City Attorney of Fort Worth and NextWave Enterprises Join Growing List of Legal Files Software, Inc. Clients


Springfield, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2016 -- For over two decades, Legal Files Software, Inc., has developed and implemented legal case management and matter management software for a range of both private- and public-sector clients, including legal departments, law firms, university legal departments, insurance companies and government agencies at all levels. The Legal Files web application has all the low-cost benefits of commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) systems with the flexibility of custom-built applications. The comprehensive capabilities of Legal Files Software's legal matter management software have won the company a growing client base through the years. The City Attorney of Fort Worth and NextWave Enterprises are just a few of the latest organizations to join the list of clients who trust Legal Files Software, Inc. for legal case and matter management.

Earlier this month, the City Attorney of Fort Worth elected to implement legal matter management software from Legal Files Software, Inc., joining many other public organizations across the country that currently use the company's legal case and matter management application. The City Attorney acts as general counsel and provides transactional and advisory services as well as in-house litigation services in the city of Fort Worth. In order to optimize business processes, improve customer service and manage files and documents to make retrieving, editing and file creation easier, the office searched for the appropriate management platform via a rigorous vetting process. After reviewing products from seven vendors, conducting demonstrations with four and performing additional research and due diligence, the City Attorney of Fort Worth's office determined that Legal Files Software, Inc. would provide the appropriate solution.

Additionally, a company in the financial services industry recently signed on with Legal Files Software, Inc. NextWave Enterprises, LLC is a direct funding company that will be implementing its first-ever electronic legal matter management software. Legal Files Software, Inc. will provide implementation services for its flagship product, Legal Files, a case and matter management application. NextWave Enterprises, LLC has chosen Legal Files for its robust reporting capabilities and its ability to simplify the process of tracking data sets that are increasingly complex and variable.

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Legal Files Software, Inc. develops case and matter management software applications for the legal industry. Legal Files matter management software has undergone thorough, hands-on testing to produce peerless, real-world matter management and workflow management applications. Thousands of users across many industries and around the world rely on Legal Files to store case information and track office workflow. Legal Files is designed to work seamlessly in legal departments, law firms, insurance companies, public sector agencies and legal aid organizations.

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