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City Drains Is Now Offering a 24-Hour Callout CCTV Drain Inspection Service Throughout London


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- City Drains, a company that services blocked drains throughout the entire London area, has just added a new service for CCTV drain inspections in the city.

Like its other services, the company’s new CCTV drain services in London is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As it explains on its website, http://www.citydrains.co.uk, there are a variety of reasons to arrange for a CCTV survey. For example, people who are considering buying a new home often need a drain survey before the sale is completed. In addition, existing home or business owners who are having drainage issues including bad smells, recurring blockages, vermin or subsidence may wish to have the service conducted.

Speaking of vermin, one of City Drains’ employees recently came across a rat while conducting a CCTV survey. A YouTube video detailing the creepy find is now posted on the company’s website.

Also, people who suspect that there may be an issue with their sewer, or who just want to know that their drain is structurally sound can contact City Drains for their new drain inspection service.

“Using state of the art equipment, we can probe into those areas that are out of sight within your sewer and identify any problems within,” an article on the website noted, adding that engineers at City Drain are fully trained to British standards in the use of CCTV Drain Cameras and are highly experienced in surveying London’s drains.

“You can be sure, if there is a problem with your drains, our engineers will spot it.”

For customers who are looking for a CCTV drain survey London based City Drain also offers outstanding customer service and equipment. The company uses only the most modern and up-to-date cameras, which can be used in drain pipes from 100mm to 222mm. After the inspection is over, the company will provide the client with a DVD and detailed report that highlights any drainage problems that were found during the process. The customer will also be presented with a suggested plan and recommendations that will fix any issues.

Customers who would like to learn more about the CCTV survey or blocked drains cleared in London are welcome to visit the City Drains website at any time. The user-friendly site includes articles that help explain how the engineers handle tasks like unblocking drains in London with its drain clearing and cleaning services, as well as evacuations and repairs and pump outs.

The company also offers free quotes, either over the phone or through a handy form that can be filled out right on the site.

About City Drains
City Drains clears London drains across the city. In business since 2006, it is a well-established company with a strong record and high customer satisfaction. The company is now offering a new service for CCTV drain inspections around London. Like its other services this is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information, please visit http://www.citydrains.co.uk