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City Hair Removal Launches Discounted Tattoo Removal Packages

It is estimated that around 50% of individuals who get tattoos later regret them but thanks to laser tattoo removal can now be performed without leaving scars.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- City Hair Removal is a specialist laser clinic located in Fenchurch Street, London. The clinic only employs experienced staff and has been established for more than two decades. Services offered by the clinic include hair removal, tattoo removal, skin tightening and thread vein removal. The clinic have invested in 3 different state of the art laser machines, the machines are designed to pick up all removable colours of ink.

Laser tattoo removal has been commercially available since the early 1990’s. Laser tattoo removal is regarded as the “gold standard” treatment because it doesn't leave any scars. Laser light is attaracted to the tattoo ink that has been injected into the skins dermis layer, once broken down the ink can be safely removed by the body.

The tattoo cannot be removed in one laser session, it will take repeat visits, for the treatment to be a complete success. How many sessions are required depends on various factors such as the individuals skin colour, the colour of the tattoo inks used and the overall size of the tattoo.

City Hair Removal offer all clients a free initial consultation and patch test which enables potential clients to see how the procedure feels and help the ascertain how many treatments will be required.

The procedure is not pain free, individuals undergoing the procedure may feel a mild pricking sensation, most clients say it feels a bit like getting tattooed did. Local anaesthetic can be applied and regular pain relief can be taken post procedure for any discomfort. More information on the process and the costs involved can be found on this page.

About City Hair Removal
The clinic is open 6 days a week, located within walking from several tube stations and on several bus routes, more information on the clinics staff and location can be found by visiting this link.