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City Mini Double Has Characteristics of Ideal Twin Stroller According to


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2013 -- Finding the right baby gear can make a lot of difference when it comes to a child's comfort and his parents' convenience. Some items on the market can be real life-savers, and others can simply be a huge waste of money. That is why it pays for parents to inform themselves about each baby product they plan to buy before they make their purchase. This is particularly important when it comes to essentials such as cribs, car seats, and strollers. According to the City Mini Double as has all the characteristics of an ideal twin stroller and should give good value for its price.

What makes an ideal twin stroller? First of all, it should be easy to manoeuvre. The ability to be manoeuvred easily is often the major weakness of twin strollers. That is because this type of double stroller seats two babies side-by-side, resulting in a wider body. The City Mini Double Stroller however is free of this defect as it is reasonably easy to use ┬ĘC it can fit through most doorways and is quite easy to turn which is a great thing because you never have to waste time. No doubt the front wheel suspension, rear parking brake, and quick-release wheels with ball bearings have something to do with this.

Of course, a stroller should also be convenient for parents to use. Any mom and dad will attest that a stroller that is hard to fold up is a pain and will often end up being left at home. In the end, a stroller that no one wants to take out is a waste of money. The City Mini folds up quickly and is easy to store both at home and in the car, so it should get a lot of use.

Finally, when it comes to strollers little extras can mean a lot when they reduce stress on moms and dads. This stroller comes with an under-seat storage basket for diapers and baby essentials, or even shopping bags if necessary. Parents also have the option to purchase and install extras like a foot muff, liquid holster, parent console, belly bar and console, and bug and rain canopies too.

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