Ciudad Santa Barbara Is Opening to International Markets


Santa Barbara, Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Ciudad Santa Barbara is a city that takes in planned urban development and efficient land use. It is an optimal location for economic, demographic, and social growth. Furthermore, the city has sufficient accessibility to services and facilities and the facilitation of the development of local and regional economic activity. Its location is by the convergence point of various infrastructures such as the Pan-American Highway, and the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport establishes Ciudad Santa Barbara as one of the competitive cities of Colombia. In addition, Ciudad Santa Barbara is well equipped with a wide array of schools, the Science and Technology Park, and the Llanogrande BioPacific Square Mall. Ciudad Santa Barbara is one of the advancing cities of Colombia. It possesses potential in being an investment opportunity for business and an excellent locale for residency.

As an advancing city in Colombia, this press release is to inform that it is open to international markets. It is an advantageous region due to its location and proportions.

As a city easily accessible and within reach of the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport, it is a candidate site for hotels and commercial institutions. Hence, it is an ideal site for international companies looking to expand within the sectors of Colombia.

In addition, the city’s accessibility is also ideal for establishing urban communities. Contained within is a feasible market for condominiums and other urban real estate. The city is a proponent of sustainable development, which means that it supports the balancing of human residency and environmental protection. Thus, the city is highly eco-friendly and is capable of accommodating an estimated population of 60,000. In addition, being equipped with a variety of schools and institutions, it is a feasible location in which to start families and raise children.

This press release invites international firms and organizations to explore their opportunities in the city. It is an excellent chance to establish businesses in Colombia in an excellent location at an excellent time. Ciudad Santa Barbara is opening its doors to future business partnerships and possible expansions to the city.

Ciudad Santa Barbara is a growing metropolis and with the help of future international partners, the city is showing promise in becoming one of Colombia’s major centers of business, arts, and leisure. For more information about Ciudad Santa Barbara, feel free to visit the official website of Ciudad Santa Barbara at