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Civil Engineering Construction Market in CIS Countries 2014: Development Forecasts for 2015 - 2020, New Report Launched

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Lewes, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- This concise document updates readers on the latest developments in road and railway, environmental protection and heavy industrial construction across Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. It provides data on the value of the overall market and each segment, with a separate set of figures for markets in each country.

Readers will learn about the leading players on this market, projects in the planning stages and current inventories of public facilities in each of the three highlighted countries, as well as expectations revealed by forecasts for the period 2015-2020.

Did you know that:

- In Russia cement production totalled 66.5 million tonnes in 2013, the highest level seen since 1992

- In early 2014 only 47% of federal and 38% of regional roads in Russia met regulatory compliance requirements

- In October 2014 construction of four (in Kaliningrad, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod) out of twelve stadiums to host 2018 World Cup matches was yet to start

- Kazakhstan is ranked 16th in the world in terms of oil production and 11th in terms of proven oil & gas reserves

- Kazakhstan, the world’s 9th largest country, had only 32 km of hard-surface roads per 1,000 km² of territory at the end of 2013

- About 90% of the Ukraine's roads are thought to be in need of extensive repair or reconstruction

- As a result of the occupation of Crimea, Ukraine lost control of 15 oil and gas fields in the region

Extract from this report:

- Deficient transport infrastructure in Russia. In 2014, the World Economic Forum’s 2014-2015 Global Competitiveness Report ranks Russia 74th among 144 countries in terms of the quality of overall infrastructure (86th out of 133 countries in 2009). The quality of the country's roads took 124th position, up 12 places from the last year’s rankling but still down six places in five years; the quality of air transport infrastructure held 79th place; and the quality of port infrastructure took 81st. Only the quality of railway infrastructure was placed higher at 26th.

- The modernisation of Ukraine’s natural gas pipeline system, which is estimated to worth $25- 35bn, is likely to provide support for the civil engineering segment in the future. In August 2014, Ukraine passed a law that allows foreign operators the right to “the management and/ or concession or lease” of the gas pipelines and underground storage facilities, now dominated by Russia. The law also allows Ukraine’s government to establish a company to operate underground storage facilities, in which American and European investors can own up to 49%.

- Infrastructure projects are to be implemented in order to support a gradual increase in the production of oil, natural gas and coal in Kazakhstan in the coming years: in 2020 production is to be increased by about 47% for natural gas, 24% for oil and 10% for coal in comparison with the result achieved in 2013.

Explore civil engineering construction in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Report describes market value and structure, forecasts for development from 2015-2020.

What is the current value of the civil engineering construction in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan? How many heavy industrial projects are planned for the region?

Which road and railway construction projects offer the most significant opportunities in the months ahead? What are the short and long-range plans of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan with regard to infrastructure development?

Investors, contractors, manufacturers of building materials and construction machinery and equipment will find all the answers they are searching for in Civil engineering construction sector Commonwealth of Independent States 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019. This unique publication combines the latest market data with expert analyses and reliable forecasts to create a single comprehensive business intelligence resource.

Readers will learn about the latest developments in heavy industrial, environmental protection and road and railway construction in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. The report describes recently completed, currently in progress and upcoming projects in all of these key categories.

The document also includes information about potential funding and financing sources and infrastructure development programmes in place in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. It offers evaluations of the current rail and roadway market in each country and estimates of probable additions (length) in the years ahead.

Heavy industrial projects are also described along with plans for new construction in this segment across the region and in each of the three countries, along with evaluations of construction projects focused on environmental protection. The most valuable and significant projects in all segments are listed.

The content of Civil engineering construction in the Commonwealth of Independent States 2014, Development forecasts for 2015-2020 is tailored to the needs of a variety of Publisher clients, such as: construction companies specialising in civil engineering works and interested in the prospects available in CIS markets, distributors and manufacturers of machinery and materials intended for use in the civil engineering construction segment, investors and brokers with clients interested in this market, design and project management specialists, market analysts and business consultants.

Many have found this report to be especially helpful when investigating the potential for growth in the civil engineering construction markets in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, when estimating revenue or calculating market share, locating a partner for a merger or acquisition or a specific type of project opportunity in the marketplace.

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