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Civil Logistics Requests Inclusion for Operations by the FAA


Canyon Lake, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- During the most recent conference of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) held in Orlando Florida much of the show pertained to the companies offering technologies in surveillance and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) but another important aspect of the conference is that it provided discussion opportunities with lawmakers concerning the Federal Aviation Associations (FAA) current position on the prohibition against UAS in commercial use. As a result of the conference and meaningful discussions, it appears that the FAA will work with several industries to expedite at least some limited commercial operation before UAS rules are finalized.

"We applaud the FAA for working collaboratively with the industry and other stakeholders to help UAS technology begin to take off," said AUVSI President and CEO Michael Toscano. "UAS have a host of societal and economic benefits, and many industries are clamoring to harness their capabilities. Limited commercial operations is a good first step, but we also need to begin the small UAS rulemaking immediately. We look forward to continue working with the FAA to advance UAS integration safely and responsibly."

“These industries represent the examples of the commercial potential that we highlighted in our economic report last year,” Toscano said. “The report found that in the first decade following integration, the UAS industry will create more than 100,000 jobs and $82 billion in economic impact. However, each day that integration is delayed will lead to $27 million in lost economic impact. The FAA should begin utilizing its authority under Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 to allow for limited commercial operations now.”

AUVSI and more than 30 organizations recently called on the FAA to allow for limited operations immediately under its authority granted by Congress.

Civil Logistics, a veteran owned business specializing in disaster response and recovery also welcomed the news by the FAA and sees this as an opportunity to appeal directly to the FAA for inclusion in this expedited process as a company providing disaster response and humanitarian assistance. “Our goal in attending the conference was to not only gain broad exposure within the industry and to learn more about the current UAV climate but to also support and build on the relationship we started with Oklahoma State University and the unmanned flying orb they have developed, states Bill Slove, CEO of Civil Logistics. Since a great deal of what we do is disaster response and recovery, we’re looking for ways to make that process more efficient and effective so we can protect lives and property when disaster strikes. This orb is the best platform out there which can be configured with infrared, audio, visual, and even the ability to deliver lifesaving supplies in an emergency or humanitarian situation. Its ability to hover, move on all axis’s easily is far superior to fixed wing or even quad copter craft and will not only give us the best situational intelligence on location but will actually be able to save lives”, adds CEO Slove.

“If the FAA can see its way to segment the UAS world into commercial and governmental areas and expedite certain applications for approval, we feel strongly that companies like ours, directly involved in saving lives during a declared disaster where issues such as privacy and safety really aren’t issues at all, should be allowed to operate”, further adds CEO Slove.

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Civil Logistics is a veteran owned small business providing infrastructure support for water resource management, disaster response and recovery, and cross mission representation.

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