CKG Unveils New Services


Parsippany, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2013 -- New Jersey folks planning to do some major home repairs have something to rejoice to as CKG Contractors Inc. has recently unveiled a host of new services to the public. The Parsippany-based company is now set to offer a wider array of services, from roofers to vinyl sidings.

One of the newest services that CKG has begun to offer its customers are replacement windows. CKG says that they are now able to service a wide variety window types, from common single0pane sliding windows, to the more ornate ones found in higher-end homes. CKG also explained that they make sure that the installation of the windows is done fast so as not to interfere with the occupants’ daily routines. The company also said that they also accept special requests when it comes to window replacements. This range from using different tints of glass to installing, special windows counted with anti-flare film.

CKG also showcased the variety of roofing installations they offer client. These roofing installations rang from basic steel roofing materials seen in many low cost housing, to ornate singles and tiles/ CKG also announced that they have [partnered with prominent roofing material provider GAF, being granted permission to supply and install GAF’s roofing products. The company also said that customers can easily get in touch with them and the4ir roofers will be on site in no time at all.

The last line of products that CKG unveiled is its own line of gutters and gutter guards. CKG officials guarantee that all of these are made of durable steel and plastic, which would be able to channel any debris that might fall from the roof. CKG also demonstrated the “Rhino Skin” features of the gutters, which allows for easier cleanup.

CKG Contractors, Inc. guarantees that all of the services they offer are in accordance with building laws and are very affordable.