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CL Catalogues Opens Up a World of Shopping Opportunities


Borley, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/26/2014 -- Catalogue shopping in the UK is very popular given the format it employs giving buyers access to multiple options. The same format in shopping can however, be ruthless to those customers who don’t have a very good credit track record. A single credit red flag can tarnish the image of a buyer and banish him from making the purchases he would like to make. CL Catalogues is a company that specialises in bad credit shopping and can help such customers get back into the game.

CL Catalogues introduces bad credit shoppers to deals that are friendly, reasonable, accommodating and let the buyer spread his payments over time. What this does is lets the buyer indulge in purchases that he would normally have a tough time getting and at the same time, work his way paying for the items bought over time. This reduces the risk of defaulting payments and at the same time does not deny anyone of any purchase that they are interested to make.

A while back, shopping for items on a bad credit was impossible. Now, with CL Catalogues here to help, all this is going to change and change for good. There are other bad credit service providers in the market but, for the average customer who is desperately trying to work out of his debt, they don’t offer anything helpful. Their services only compel the buyer to pile up on debts and suffer from it. CL Catalogues is different as it offers the buyer a low risk shopping experience with a unique opportunity to budget his investments.

About CL Catalogues
One of the many areas the company specialises in is; give mobile phone customers the freedom they want to invest in a phone of their choice. The company also opens up opportunities for catalogue shoppers to invest in clothes, home goods etc.

Bad credit does not have to result in bad decisions; it can always be the starting point for repairing one’s credit. With service providers like CL Catalogues assisting, customers can do the former without losing on their chance of shopping for items that come from the best brands in the market. To know more, log onto

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