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Claims Specialists Urge Atlanta Residents to Batten Down Hatches Early Ahead of Storm Season


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2016 -- Claims specialists, All American Roofing and Construction, are urging Atlanta citizens to act early ahead of storm season in the wake of Storm Jonas to protect their homes from further damage.

Storm Jonas is estimated to have cost over $1 billion in damage last month across the Eastern Seaboard and affected more than 85 million Americans. In response to the erratic weather patterns Atlantans have experienced recently, Jason Waddell, CEO of All American Roofing & Construction has urged early action ahead of the storm season.

Mr. Waddell  said:

"Usually Atlantans escape the brunt of harsh weather but with the recent heavy snow and rain, we expect property damage ahead of this storm season to rise. We want to urge people to protect their homes now so they can save on repair costs later"

"Often times it's the really simple things, check your skylights for wet spots, get your gutters cleaned and remove moss from your roof, check your chimney for cracks and ensure the metal flashing on your roof is secure and sealed correctly. Roof vents are a particular concern, If the flashing around a roof vent is broken and cracked, water will leak into the roof, cracked roof vents can cause serious decay."

"Most importantly, if the weather outside becomes extreme, please stay indoors and don't make unnecessary journeys"

About All American Roofing and Construction
All American Roofing and Construction, which is one of Altanta's largest companies for insurance recovery and claims has handled over $8,000,000 in storm damage claims and offers a free roof inspection for all potential clients.

The average rainfall for Atlanta in 2015 was 9.43 inches above average at 51.37 inches with November. 2 recording an historical high of 2.62 inches of rainfall in one day [1].


Mr. Jason Waddell, CEO
All American Roofing and Construction
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