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Clareamento Dental Caseiro Offers Portuguese Review of Bella Labs Teeth Whitening Products

Clareamento Dental Caseiro has reviewed Bella Labs’ new home teeth whitening solution in order to give consumers a means to compare it to competing products and procedures.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2013 -- White teeth have long been considered to be healthy teeth, and having a straight and white set creates a positive first impression on everyone. In order to get white teeth, there are numerous processes individuals can undergo, from cosmetic bleaching to surgical tooth capping, and it can be difficult for consumers to decide which is the best way to go. For Portuguese speaking buyers, Clareamento Dental Caseiro is their best source of information, reviewing products to make recommendations and give consumer’s confidence. Their latest review is of Bella Labs’ latest home whitening solution that provides an affordable means for whiter teeth.

The in-depth review details the product and the problem it is intended to address, before analyzing the way in which the product goes about it and how effective that is. They break down the ingredients used, the advantages and disadvantages, and draw a final conclusion on the product’s efficacy and affordability.

Clareamento Dental also offer advice on where readers can purchase the product for the best price, and in the case of Bella Labs’ new teeth whitening solution, has created an agreement with the company to sell direct to their readership, cutting out middlemen and saving them significant money.

A spokesperson for Clareamento Dental Caseiro explained, “The process involved in Bella Labs’ new teeth whitening solution makes it easy for anyone to achieve, and the results really show after just few instances of treatment. The great thing about the process is that the materials used are cheaply available and the treatment can be reiterated on an individual basis, so those with darker teeth simply undergo the process more times until they are happy with the whiteness of their teeth. Compared to laser, surgical and other cleaning procedures, this comes highly recommended.”

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