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Classic Light Has Barn Lighting Ready to Roll


Pensacola, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Many people desire Barn Lighting on their homes and/or businesses alike, and look far and wide to find high quality at reasonable prices. Point in fact Classic Light has all that and above and beyond what other manufacturers have!

Owner Ingrid Solms says "No place on the market allows you to design a fixture from top to bottom like Classic Light does." She continues "For example with our most popular Barn Light , The Patriarch 12" to 20" Warehouse Shade we broke down the numbers, and this one fixture can be made into 109,200 configurations!"

This is true with over 35 Paint Finishes from our Standard Black, White, or Green to our True Galvanized, and into the heavy hitters such as our True Brass and Copper spun Patriarch Warehouse Shades. No filler here on finishes, we have quality compared to none with our paint.

Paint Finishes are just one of the options which a customer can choose from. Gooseneck Arms allow for that look the customer truly desires as from our most sought after HL-A Gooseneck Arm to our out of this world HL-J.

Add a Cast Guard and Glass or a Wire Guard and you are almost finished with your personally designed light.

Of course we could not just stop there says Solms, We then have the option of Standard Incandescent, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, or our brand new LED technology in any of our Barn Lighting!

Not only do you get this many options but these lights are made in the United States to the highest of commercial and industrial standards for the at home marketplace.

Classic Lights are 100% UL listed which is not the case with some of our competitors which go with a cheaper rating to skim off quality, not here at Classic Light.

Barn Lighting is a great way to shine light on your home outer decor, and also Gooseneck lighting can be an awesome center piece and talking point to an indoor look as well! Here at Classic Light, we love our customers and love to share our American Made Lighting passion with them. Below you will see our 16 Patriarch Warehouse Shade in 95-Dark Green with our HL-A Gooseneck Arm.

This light is perfect to illuminate the space leading out and coming too! We hope you enjoyed our Classic Light Blog today, and be sure to check us out at or give us a ring at (855) 692-5444 and As always, have a blessed day!