ApplenMicro Offers Extra Money in These Tough Times


Spartanburg, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2013 -- Life is tough these days. Even education, the one treasure that nobody can steal from us, can cost quite a bit to achieve. With the rising costs in tuition, parents would have to cut back on their kids’ allowances in order to prioritize their tuition fees. That can be hard on the student, who of course needs to party every once in a while to shake off the pressures of college life. In other cases, however, the expenses can be so high that a student may be forced to get out of school. That’s a sad fact of life, but it’s not something that cannot be avoided.

If you’re a student, what’s your best course of action for such dilemmas? Well, as they say, prevention is better than cure! Students should take up the mantle of responsibility and help ease their parents’ burdens by finding ways to earn their own money! This way, they could answer their own expenses without adding into their parents’ expenditures. There are so many ways that they could do that. They could start their own business. The Internet is one of the best places in which they could achieve that goal.

However, the Internet’s capacity to make businesses go global is a dual-edged sword! It certainly is tempting to attempt to build a brand that has a global reach right at the start of your career, because it seems easy to do. However, it’s akin to trying to shoot a bullet at the moon and hoping to it hit. The world is just too big! It is always the best decision to start locally first, and that is exactly why Daniel Bolton, a junior from Liberty University, established Classy Liberty University or is every Liberty University student’s version of e-Bay. It is 100% free to advertise on Students are free to post whatever ads in the website. You could sell anything in there as long as the product is appropriate. “You can post prayer requests, post rides to and from different locations, textbooks, post or apply for a job, sell tickets for events, buy or sell Liberty gear, search for roommates and even offer tutoring services,” Bolton said. “Everything is similar to Craigslist, but I wanted to make it better looking and better functioning.”

Sometimes, however, you would want to sell off something urgently. can of course help you out with that. There are premium posting positions available. By signing up for these, you get your ad posted in the front page. LU students need not worry about the premium ad post being too expensive. It’s only $2 and, in return for that, your ad gets to be placed in the front part of the website for sixty days!

Bolton is doing this to help his peers through these hard times. Bolton also believes that “If it’s Christian, it ought to be better,” a quote that he first heard from Jerry Falwell. Indeed, provides a way for a better life in its own way by helping students through these hard times until they are able to graduate.

About ClassyLU
Arete LLC, owned by Daniel Bolton, launched ClassyLU in January of 2013 to make the lives of those associated with Liberty University easier and with the goal to be the marketplace for the Liberty community. Since then, the website has experienced incredible growth and interest with views from 15 different countries and 36 states. With ClassyLU, you create an account and can post as many ads as you want... for FREE. And if you want your ad to be featured on the front page, it's only $2 dollars for 60 days. ClassyLU was designed to offer a safe alternative to other classifieds options and to make the process more convenient.

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