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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce New Clean Diets to Eliminate Embarrassing Body Fat Without Intense Cravings That Accompany Fad Diet Plans

Because more kids are suffering with excess body fat and weight-related illnesses, Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans now offer clean diet meal programs that focus on naturally healthy, low fat foods to help patients lose weight without the impulse to overeat.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- As reported this week by Everyday Health, a new study recently found that an increase body fat content is a likely contributor to the skyrocketing risks for high blood pressure in teens over the age of thirteen. With the availability and easy access to unhealthy, fatty foods in Houston Texas, most people are opting for convenience over a clean diet when choosing their daily meals. Unfortunately, this trend is creating an increase in body fat and weight-related health issues not just for teens, but also for adults all over the Houston area and has left many searching for diet plans that will help them lose weight fast. Diet Doc understands the need for convenience and offers their clients a path to fast and easy weight loss with their uniquely designed protocol for hCG diet plans. For even more accessibility, Diet Doc’s hCG plans and clean diet programs are now available worldwide with patients consulting weight loss coaches over the telephone and internet.

In the study performed by Harvard University, researchers studied 3,200 teens and found that the subjects with bigger waistlines and more body fat were twice as likely to have high blood pressure and those teens who consumed a lot of salt were 36% more likely to have high blood pressure. Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans combine naturally powerful appetite suppressants and fat burning diet pills with clean diet plans filled with healthy, low calorie foods that help clients lose weight fast. Diet Doc is committed to helping patients reevaluate the foods that they are consuming, foods that are causing an increase in body fat, so that clients will lose weight fast and sustain their weight loss over time.

During each patient’s initial health evaluation, a Diet Doc physician will discuss previous medical history and current weight concerns with the patient to determine whether hCG diet plans are appropriate for reducing the client’s body fat. The physician will also prescribe appropriate fat burning supplements and appetite suppressants that are incorporated seamlessly into hCG diet plans for the patient’s added comfort and to increase the rate that the patient is losing weight.

Patients will be able to order their supplements over the phone or through the internet to avoid embarrassing face-to-face doctor’s office visits and will receive their supplies through the mail. Because Diet Doc’s diet pills are designed to work with the client’s clean diet, the patient can begin taking their supplements immediately to start seeing fat melt away.

Diet Doc’s clean diet plans are specially created by certified nutritionists to help patients reduce their caloric intake and begin eating foods that are low in processed sugars and carbohydrates but high in protein. This clean diet plan will allow the patient to reduce their body fat quickly but, because of the high amount of protein and the natural appetite suppressants, patients will feel fuller for longer periods of time.

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