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Diet Doc Announces Clean Eating Diet Plans for the Safe, Natural and Rapid Elimination of Dangerous and Embarrassing Excess Fat

Diet Doc has developed clean eating diet plans that include safe and effective prescription diet products that burn excess fat while eliminating excessive hunger, carbohydrate cravings and fatigue during dieting


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2015 -- Many dieters, who have tried unsuccessfully to lose excess body fat by resorting to one of many fad weight loss diets, pills or miracle weight loss potions, may eventually give in to one or more of these dangerous methods suggested by extreme and unsafe fat loss programs. Diet Doc understands that Americans are anxious to find a clean eating diet plan that will help them reach and sustain their ideal body weight without risking their health and, for this reason, the company developed their new clean eating diet plans that offer safe, natural and effective weight loss results. Diet Doc refuses to utilize deceptive advertising or practices and, instead, offer their patients complete clean eating diet plans, unlimited access to a team of expert weight control specialists as well as exclusive, natural body fat burning supplements that allow patients to see fast and effective results without carbohydrate cravings, between meal hunger or loss of energy during dieting.

Diet Doc understands that many of their patients do not have a medical or nutritional background and, for this reason, they couple their patients with nutritional experts who work closely with their clients to teach them which foods are appropriate for a clean eating diet plan to, not only reach initial fat loss goals, but also for sustained weight management. Using their own algorithm, the nutritionists create clean eating diet plans that are compatible with each patient's age, gender, health history, medical conditions, food preferences and lifestyle. Qualified patients who desire faster weight loss results may supplement their tailored clean eating diet plans with Diet Doc's pure, prescription hormone diet treatments, exclusive diet pills and powerful fat burners to eliminate dieting side effects while attacking stored body fat to be quickly flushed from the system.

In their effort to reach those who are unable to attend costly and time consuming doctor office visits or weight loss clinics, Diet Doc partnered with Telemedicine, now enabling those in even the most remote regions of the country to gain access to the best medical care and weight loss programs without leaving the comfort of their own home. New patients can simply call the company or visit to complete an initial health questionnaire, consult online with their doctor, work closely with a certified nutritionist and reorder their diet products for direct delivery to their home or office for immediate use. And, because all Diet Doc diet products and supplements are manufactured in fully licensed, FDA approved and U.S. based pharmacies, clients can feel confident that they are receiving only the highest quality of ingredients. Patients quickly find that these powerful body fat burning diet products work seamlessly with their customized clean eating diet plans. In fact, in-house surveys reveal that the majority of over 25,000 actual patients lost 20 pounds or more per month simply by following the guidance of the Diet Doc professionals.

Combining healthy, clean eating diet plans with Diet Doc's exclusive diet products and weight loss supplements, not only increases the speed that patients are able to shed excess fat, it also allows them to do so without experiencing the negative side effects of dieting. The company encourages those of all shapes, sizes, ages and genders, who have been unsuccessful in weight loss in the past, to call today to schedule a private consultation.

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