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Clean Swipe Razor Crowdfunding Project Launched

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North Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2013 -- With a $30,000 goal the inventor of the Clean Swipe Razor, James McNulty, has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo in hopes of bringing the forward thinking item to market. Changing the way consumers have shaved for the last 50 years the product is designed to do double duty. It incorporates a swiping mechanism that both sharpens the razor’s edges while freeing it from stubble between the blades. Adding to the enterprising functionality of the product is its eco-friendly application. By using ninety-five percent less water to clean the razor while shaving the item is useful in the greenest sense.

Focused on first bringing a working prototype to the forefront of his design initiative McNulty is hopeful he will attain his funding goal and bring a new and thoughtful product to both male and female consumers. Funding will also support the first round of manufacturing for the razors and accompanying cartridges. McNulty said of the Clean Swipe Razor, “It was always a pet peeve of mine to spend time cleaning between the blades of my razor while shaving. We’ve all been through it, wasting water and tapping the razor on the side of the sink endlessly, not getting much results. It was annoying, time consuming, and wasteful. This invention solves all those issues and I’m so happy to be able to bring it to consumers worldwide with the help of crowdfunders who will join me in the effort.”

Using an ultra thin material for what McNulty calls a “swiper bar” the Clean Swipe Razor lays flush with the razor’s face. Not impairing a shave in the slightest, with every swipe of the patent pending technology the blades are sharpened and cleaned. The product’s razor head cartridges are detachable, interchangeable, and disposable. Available in two colors the item comes in pink and white for women and green and white for men. Some crowdfunding perks include one Clean Swipe Razor and one razor cartridge for $25 and two for $35.

About Clean Swipe Razor
Clean Swipe Razor was founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada by James McNulty. The company endeavors to bring the Clean Swipe Razor, which incorporates a swiper bar to both sharpen and rid the blade of stubble, to market.

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