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The Experts at Great Green Cleaning Reveal the Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Investing in a Professional Cleaning and Maid Service like Great Green Cleaning Could Keep You Healthy


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/23/2013 -- The green cleaning experts of New York, known as Great Green Cleaning and Maid Service, stress the importance of having a clean, sanitized home and office for your good health. They understand more than anyone that keeping your living and work-space clean, sanitized and disinfected is the best way to safeguard your health and keep your family and pets healthy too.

Although the cleaning you do in your home may be helpful for germ related illness prevention as well, there is no substitute for a good Spring cleaning done by experts who know where the germs hide. The experts at Great Green Cleaning know that cleaning frequently missed places like doorknobs, bathroom door surfaces, light switches and switch plates, remote controls, computer keyboards and tooth brush holders can contribute in stopping the spread of disease in your home. They use advanced green technologies like UV Light wands, microfiber cloths and plant oils to disinfect while cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. A thorough cleaning and disinfecting by the cleaning experts at Great Green Cleaning can actually help prevent your family from getting sick from the flu, the common cold and even prevent staph infection. Germs live in all sorts of places, and when the average person cleans their own home, they don’t think of every single spot. Instead, they hit the areas that are the most obviously dirty and easily noticeable. Great Green Cleaning not only takes the time to clean everything, but actually disinfects and sanitizes; that means the surfaces are no longer harboring organic substances and the germs that feed on them. When asked why they do such a thorough job, a company representative responded, “It’s simple. We love to clean, and we know how to do it right!”

Besides the obvious advantage of using their experts, this cleaning services company in Brooklyn is great for both apartment and loft owners, brownstone dwellers and commercial buildings for another reason, safety. Their cleaning services are environmentally-friendly, thus the reference to “green” in their name. They use industrial strength organic cleaning products and eco-safe solutions on even the toughest locations to get the job done well – and keep you and the planet safe from toxic chemicals.

About Great Green Cleaning
The staff at Great Green Cleaning is committed to cleaning and caring for their client’s homes as if they were cleaning their own. Their promise to use earth-friendly solutions and technologies means you can get a thorough house cleaning in New York without harming the environment. With this mission, they believe they are changing the world, one cleaning at a time. For additional information please visit,