Cleaning Services in Marietta Hiring Experienced House Cleaners


Canton, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Finding a high quality cleaning service can be a hard task for many, as there are many cleaning companies in Marietta to choose from. With so many working parents, it is hard to clean house and spend quality time with the children after a long days work and going through many cleaning companies in trial and error fashion is a pain.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners offer house cleaning services Marietta natives love as they give the peace of mind of non-toxic cleaning solutions which don't affect the breathing or skin irritation of young children or elderly in the home. According to the Clean Air Council, Americans spend significantly more time indoors compared to outdoors, yet indoor pollutants can be as much as five times worse than they are outdoors.

That is why Atlanta Eco Cleaners use only non-toxic and natural cleaning supplies when they come to your house or place of business. As education continues about the dangers of chemical based house cleaners, there has been an ever increasing demand for natural and non-toxic, green cleaning services.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners as one of the only cleaning services in Atlanta who offer strictly non-toxic, natural green cleaning services are benefiting from that demand as referral from their quality cleaning services and customer service are high and their reach is expanding from the Atlanta area north to the surrounding suburbs.

Owner Amanda Howe says, “We have most of our business in Atlanta, but the northern suburbs of Alpharetta, Woodstock, Roswell, Canton and John's Creek are also a busy area for us, so we are looking to move some of our work force around and hire new employees to keep up with the demand.”

“There are many cleaning service jobs in Marietta, but the benefit of working for Atlanta Eco Cleaners is the same reason our clients love us so much; we don't use chemical cleaners.” So, not only are their customers safe from breathing the toxic fumes, but the employees, who deal with cleaning products every day, don't need to worry about what long term exposure may do to their health.

AEC try to keep their employees working around their home area, so there is little travel time to and from house cleaning jobs.

To inquire further about employment with Atlanta Eco Cleaners, please contact Amanda Howe through their cleaning service website contact form with details of your experience and phone number.

Media Contact:
Amanda Howe
Atlanta, GA