GoogleNewsSubmit Offers the Reference for the World's Research Chemicals


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- In Today's virtual global economy, most of the people already have go to sites for an entire range of need and desire, from media to food, all accessible from their screens. One enterprising Indian company has made ordering chemical compounds for researchers from kyoto to Kampala just as easy as, under its guiding vision: "The catalyst is making your research work."

"People go to Google when they need information," say Vijay Kumar Ambati, president and CEO of Clearsynth. "A book seeker goes to Amazon. Similarly we want researcher to access Clearsynth for their needs." Already, the technology based research-driven company has created the world largest inventory of over 359,000 refrence and research chemicals: globally available on click of a mouse.

It's ambitious goal of the company that will only turn in next five years. "I saw there was an opportunity high end research chemicals that scientist need to accelerate their work," he say, recalling the conception of Clearsynth after amassing more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical sector.

"I realized that we had this potential in India, and a bulb lit up."

The idea becomes a successful business that has more than doubled each year since 2010, and was rated an Outstanding SME in 2013 CIRSIL, the leading Indian rating agency.

Based in Mumbai, ISO-certified Clearsynth has located its main laboratory and R&D center in Hyderabad. It's near the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, which provides a talented pool of India's best chemist for a growth oriented company that expects to hire up to 100 new scientist each year in the next three. A second R&D centre is located in San Diego in the U.S., and laboratory planned in Canada.

"The five next years will be very important for us, especially in Japan a key market," comment Ambati. "Just this year, we plan to increase our business there y more than 200 percent. "Working through its Japanese distributor, Toyo Science, Clearsynth already supplies researcher in Tokyo university and Osaka university.

He remembers his first visit to Japan in 1995: "I got out in Osaka, went to the bus-stop and read a sign that says: 'The bus stops here, not time.' The bus had not been late a single time in last 10 years. It was mind blowing."

Today he knows what the Japanese market demand. "Japanese are also the strictest of all about quality and also value long term relationships. Catering to the market, with its stringent standards and timely delivery expectations, make us the world-class organization"

To date, Clearsynth has not received any quality complaints from the Japanese clients, and not a single return. It's implementation plan Japan next year includes: setting a single point of contact and a stocking point for orders, including products specifically for the Japanese market; working more closely with distributors; providing labelling, literature and local language support in Japanese; and basing a dedicated Clearsynth technical-marketing specialist in Japan to support its distributors.

"We have a long way to go," Ambati concludes. From developing innovative Swiss and Swedish made packaging that securely deliver tiny amounts to providing the 10 percent of its inventory that no other company in the world can supply. Clearsynth is already leading in its niche. "Our goal will inspire us to reach as far as we can."

CLEARSYNTH is a technology based research driven enterprise, offering integrated products and services in Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals and other related industries.

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