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Clearview Funding Inc. Helps Customers Release Funds from Structured Settlements


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2012 -- A lot of people receive structured settlement or annuity payments on a monthly or annual basis. However, they are sometimes faced with a situation whereby they need funds urgently and cannot wait until the next structured payment is received.

The good news is that it is often possible to release some of this money, but because the process is reasonably complicated, it may be better to seek the advice of a specialty finance company rather than trying to deal with the situation personally. One company that has several years experience helping people sell structured settlements is Clearview Funding Inc.

Clearview Funding has launched a website to assist consumers sell structured settlements. Clearview Funding also specializes in helping people sell annuity payments and lottery payments. The site features detailed editorial content regarding the benefits of choosing the company.

Visitors to the site will find a plethora of testimonials attesting to the company’s success, along with a guarantee stating they will beat any other offer or they will pay the customer $500. Consumers can get access to a quote by completing a simple form on the website.

The site explains: “The law requires that all Structured Settlement and Lottery payment transfers be approved by a court in the state where the customer currently lives. Clearview Funding will hire a qualified attorney in the customer’s state to handle the simple court proceeding and to obtain approval on the transfer. Furthermore, Clearview Funding does not charge any of their customers’ legal or processing fees.”

Clearview believes in honesty and informs its customers that it typically takes 35-50 days to be funded and will always give them an estimated timeframe for receipt of funds.

Clearview Funding also offers investment opportunities, a spokesperson explains:

“We are now offering our Structured Settlement and Annuity investment products to investors at some of the highest rates in our market. Our investments currently provide annual returns of 6-10%, depending on the specific payment stream and maturity dates.”

About Clearview Funding
Clearview Funding Inc. is a national specialty finance company that works with individuals to unlock the value of their future payments today.

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