Clever Children's Book Inspires Young Girls to Be Anything They Want to Be


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2017 -- Author Janet Byington and illustrator Cheryl Hodge are two grandmothers who want to inspire and uplift their granddaughters. Their disappointing search for children's books sparked their interest in creating their own.

"We were discouraged because there were so many princess books for little girls. We did not want them to be princesses. We wanted them to grow up to be smart, competent, confident young women who will make wise choices about their lives. We also wanted them to know that it was up to them and it takes hard work to make that happen," says Janet.

Named after granddaughters Natalie and Libby, I Don't Wanna Wear a Crown is the first book of their book series The Amazing Adventures of Natty Cat and Libby.

This vibrant and precocious page-turner is the perfect anthem for girls and parents who want to look beyond the traditional little girl's dream of becoming a princess. Natty Cat is just discovering the world and she is thinking about what she can become, so she starts asking around. With the help of family members and her best friend Libby, Natty Cat learns that there the sky is the limit for what she can grow up to be.

Parents and guardians of girls will cheer as they help their little ones discover everything a girl can grow up to accomplish.

I Don't Wanna Wear a Crown is now available on,,,, Apple iBooks, and Kobo.

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