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Clerkenwell, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Smart drugs are sought by many as a sure way for improving brain function. Nootropic, a smart drug has gained much popularity among the people because of its ability to improve brain function. It is a forceful energy component that helps stimulate both mind and body. launches its new product Noopept which is a form of nootropic. The company ships the product across the globe and offers the quality of international standards. supplies cognitive enhancers and smart drugs to customers in the UK, EU, USA, and across the globe. Nootropics is a category of drugs that improves mental ability such as memory, focus, motivation, cognition, concentration, and intelligence. Noopept, a form of nootropic has neuro-protective qualities. Nootropics enhances mental performance and health in due course. Noopept is a derivative of racetam family of drugs and imparts similar method of action. It is 1000 times more powerful than the prototypical racetam drug, piracetam, as proved in studies carried out in the area. offers quality Noopept to its customers. They offer discounted prices and also ensure same day shipping.

They offer worldwide delivery of smart drugs to its customers. The products are stored at the warehouse in Germany and delivery is done via courier. All the products are distinct and they design the packaging on their own. offers good discounts on all their products and offer a very high quality product. Their shipping charges are quite affordable and based on a flat rated fee. Nootropics, supplied by the company is a nutritional supplement that is designed to improve mental ability and the user’s cognitive ability.’s product range is focused towards noopept. According to, smart drugs when used properly in the correct amount, help people to achieve what they want without any side effects. Nootropics does not require any prescription, thus can be bought online.

The major benefits of Noopept would include increased learning ability, better cognitive performance, improved perception and reflexes, higher logical thinking, enhanced memory, and reduced anxiety and depression. The website also mentions a lot of other information about nootropics that will benefit the customer. A free affiliate program is being hosted by This facilitates the members to make income by placing a link on to the user’s website which promotes CleverMeds and specific products supplied by them.

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About is a website that supplies Noopept at affordable prices. The company provides worldwide shipping of its products at affordable shipping rates. The destinations include UK, USA, EU and other countries across the globe.

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