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Click – A Lucky Man's Story of Triumph over a Negative Past


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2015 -- Click is a story written by Fred Skaff and has been edit by M Harvey, the short story is about the author's battle to overcome the negative element of his past, his struggles with depression and anxiety and rite of passage from one phase in life to a more positive one. The book has been described as raw, riveting and motivating by reader. The Kindle edition of Click by Fred Skaff is available on

The story Click begins with the sound of a Click emitting from a gun when its trigger is pulled by the author, as he sits on the couch in his home trying to take his life, the click is also the sound of the gun's miraculous miss. The sound of the will also serve as the pivoting point of the author's journey from one phase in life to another.

Jane, in her review of the book on writes: "I downloaded and read this book last night. At a basic level this book is raw, compassionate and inspiring. It is written from the heart and seeks to help others who struggle with depression and anxiety. Fred's message is one of hope. I believe many people suffer from anxiety and depression. If you are one of them, this book may help you understand that you are not alone. This book encourages you to value your blessings, set your sights on new horizons, change what makes you unhappy and fight for your life."

Through his book Fred's delivers the message the message of hope and wishes to show readers that despite life's turmoil and setbacks there are still ways to get a positive change in life, Fred writes in the book: "I don't know why I survived that episode but I did and that is the reason for this book. Because sometimes life can beat a person down and you find yourself in a situation similar to mine." He further writes: "There is more to this book, and I want you to stay tuned to the pages. You see I might be able not only to help you see through the tree but (what my dad would say) "Get you head and ass wired together", I survived this, and if someone reads this and it saves their life, well, that was the purpose of this book"

Readers of the book have praised the short story click for the raw emotions it contains which allows readers to connect to the feelings of the author in an inspiring and compassionate way.

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Click is a story written by Fred Skaff and has been edit by M Harvey. The Kindle edition of Click by Fred Skaff and M Harvey is available on

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