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Clients Get Their Favourite Celebrity Hair Style With Innovative New Shopping Experience by Pauls Hair World


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2012 -- It’s no surprise that people all over the country turn to celebrities to take their style cues. There’s something irresistibly glamorous about these women and the enviable lives they lead, adored by millions in all corners of the globe. As much as we’d like to emulate the lifestyles of the rich and famous, apart from a charmed few it’s all but impossible. Or is it?

Many Britons are sick of asking themselves the question, “Where can you go to get your favourite celebrity hair style?” For these women, their prayers have been answered by the team at the UK’s leading hair and cosmetics retailer, Pauls Hair and Beauty World. In a stroke of inspiration, the team at Pauls have achieved something truly innovative; the ability to shop not by product or brand, but by a favourite celebrity.

From the long luscious locks of Cheryl Cole to the striking, swept fringe of Rihanna and everything in between, Pauls have made the quest for those seeking celebrity inspiration in their hair and beauty products an easy one. Women everywhere now have a place to turn to for celebrity hair extensions, make up and a full range of associated hair care and beauty products based on the look of their favourite stars.

In every type of media imaginable people everywhere are being encouraged to seek inspiration in their fashion and beauty choices by following trends set by their favourite celebrity. The only problem up till now was that the retail industry always seemed to lag behind. While the dedicated few could commit the time and effort required to painstakingly track down each beauty product required to successfully pay tribute to their favourite actress, diva or socialite, thankfully it’s now a thing of the past.

Thanks to Pauls Hair World, it couldn’t be easier to shop by celeb. An extensive list of some of the world’s most popular celebrities is provided on the site, and all it takes is a single click to bring together every product required to replicate some of the most stunning looks in the world. With everything from wigs to literally hundreds of beauty products, Pauls Hair World has created a one stop shop for British fashionistas everywhere. “Whether you’re looking for big hair, curly styles, up-dos, similar make-up or just wanting to achieve a similar hair colour match, we have it all in the shop by celeb category,” Pauls-Hair-World.co.uk confirmed.

So as women everywhere flip through their glossy magazines and find themselves captivated by some of the most fashionable people on the planet, Pauls have created the logical next step – that is to simply log on, choose a favourite celeb and find oneself transformed. With Pauls, it couldn’t be easier.

About Pauls Hair and Beauty World
Pauls is the leading retailer of the UK’s best hair and beauty products, stocking hair extensions, wigs, make-up and thousands of other assorted hair and beauty products. Motivated by the obvious desire many Britons possess to emulate their favourite celebrity, the team at Pauls created a brand new way for women everywhere to shop. This new concept, coupled with Pauls excellent customer service and high quality products has proved a winning one, with thousands of visitors flocking to their website daily. For more information, visit http://www.pauls-hair-world.co.uk