Clients of Kevin Craffey Entrepreneur 'Impressed' by Laney College's Latest Building Project


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Kevin Craffey contractor recently read that one of California’s most well-respected carpentry schools, Laney College, will now be setting up a large building project, funded by the City of Oakland, Peralta and the Rotary Club. Cynthia Correia, the head of the college’s carpentry department, explained that one of the buildings in the school will now be used by its students to create parts of residential structures – this provides the students with the opportunity to get hands on experience in electrical, plumbing, roofing, tiling, framing and foundation work, and at the end of it, the finished structures will be used for low cost housing developments around Oakland.

Clients of Kevin Craffey carpenter learned that the students will actually be building an entire house on the college campus, and once they are finished, and their project work has been graded, the structure will be carefully taken down and its pieces used for local houses in the nearby area. This will give the carpentry students who want to work in the field of residential construction plenty of real life experience, and even more importantly, will provide a home for a low-income family in the local community.

An additional, smaller structure is also to be built – this will be constructed on a trailer, and will form a part of the popular movement known as ‘mobile cottages’. Unlike the larger structure, once this smaller home is completed, it will be sold on as a standard mobile residence. According to Correia, this structure will not be the same as an RV – it is designed to be a traditional home that just happens to be portable. Both the larger structure and the mobile cottage are being built using energy-efficient, cutting edge carpentry technology. Customers of Kevin Craffey Plymouth carpenter were impressed when they heard that the bigger house will also include a high tech ventilation system in the kitchen.

The mobile home will include refrigeration and heating, both of which will run on propane, and the output from the shower and the sink can be recycled. Correia explained that after the students are finished working on it, this mobile home will require a very small and simple list of resources (a electricity and fresh water), and so will be able to offer its owners maximum independence. Kevin Craffey CEO also read that as part of the aforementioned ‘mobile cottages’ movement, many cities in the Bay Area, including Berkley and Oakley, have now passed laws which allow these types of homes to be used as legal residences.

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