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Clients of Regalo Manila Can Now Send a Panda Stuffed Toy to Philippines


Quezon City, NCR -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2014 -- One of the characters that recently got popular is the panda. This stuffed toy, although simple, has managed to capture not only the hearts of little kids but also the hearts of teenage and young adult women. In fact, pandas are now selling like hotcakes in popular stuffed toy manufacturers in the Philippines. The reason behind this may be the presence of the panda character not only in Japanese cartoons but also in Korean culture. Since both of these countries are very close to most Filipino’s hearts, it is also inevitable that the panda also managed to tug on Filipino heartstrings until it has become a collectible item.

As something like this is happening, Regalo Manila cannot be expected to just sit back and watch other companies get their sales from the Panda craze. Since Regalo Manila is a company that is dedicated in giving not only the best packaged gifts but also a wide selection of items to their customers, they have decided to include the ever elusive Panda stuffed toy in their stuffed toy selection.

Regalo Manila is expecting this step to have a positive impact on their sales. They have brainstormed about this matter and they got into the conclusion that a Panda stuffed toy will not only make a unique gift for a lover or partner but will also be a perfect gift for a child.

Regalo Manila is a company that deals with sending flowers and other gift items to different parts of the Philippines. They do this by accepting payments from any country all over the world and then packaging and shipping items to their designated locations in the Philippines. They are special because they have personal delivery services in Metro Manila. This means that if the recipient is based within Metro Manila, their items will be personally delivered to their doorsteps. This is not only convenient for customers but it also ensures that the gifts are kept intact and in perfect shape in the whole delivery process.

Regalo Manila currently houses a plethora of brands ranging from fast food brands to different types of flowers that are presented in various arrangements. Since its conception, Regalo Manila continued to be the most trusted brand on the Internet when it comes to gift and flower delivery. In fact, it continues to be the top website whenever anyone searches for gift items and flower arrangements that can be sent to the Philippines.

The inclusion of the panda in their stuffed toy selection may be a good move for Regalo Manila. By including some items that are representative of the current state of the Filipino culture, they may be able to win some sales. In fact, the company had already made as much as 100+ sales for the panda stuffed toy alone since its release. With this, Regalo Manila have high hopes for the inclusion of this stuffed toy in their selection.