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Clinical Negligence Becoming an Increasing Concern for the NHS


Doncaster, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- A recent report by a prominent British newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, suggests that clinical negligence is becoming an increasing concern for the NHS. Whilst the financial costs are high, the human cost is even more significant for those who have found themselves the victim of negligent medical care. The report seeks to stress the importance of stringent health and safety measures in medical practice to ensure patients are protected at all times. Furthermore, it suggests that patients should be entitled to increased compensation where the damage is long-term or irreversible.

The implications of the report could be that there will be increased scrutiny of medical practices. There may also be an increased effort by lawyers to secure better rates of compensation for their clients, and more people feeling comfortable about asserting their rights in this area.

The Accident Team includes solicitors who are accredited as being leaders in the field of clinical negligence, and have extensive experience in handling complex medical negligence cases. Upon hearing the latest report, a spokesperson said: "What should be remembered here is that these cases often involve people who have suffered life changing injuries, through those responsible for their care not meeting accepted standards".

For some time now, lawyers and action groups have argued that if the NHS admitted liability at a much earlier stage, instead of dragging its feet, then the costs would be significantly lower, in both financial and emotional terms.

In these situations we would advise people to seek professional legal advice at the earliest opportunity. It is crucial that you know your rights and can obtain appropriate redress where things have gone wrong. Lawsuits following negligent medical treatment help to maintain standards and save others from suffering the same ordeal.

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