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Clinical Operations Jobs in Germany – Immense Career Growth Opportunity Expected by 2024 for Ambitious Individuals

Clinical trials are at the top of everyone’s news feeds at the moment with the COVID-19 vaccine being tested across the world. However, clinical trials are vitally important at all points of the year, not only when a global pandemic has occurred.


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2020 -- Clinical trials are at the top of everyone's news feeds at the moment with the COVID-19 vaccine being tested across the world. However, clinical trials are vitally important at all points of the year, not only when a global pandemic has occurred. It has been reported that 300,000 clinical trials are ongoing globally at any time, as reported by Clinical Trials. There is a specific need for these trials to be efficient, accurate and often speedy to ensure no money and time is wasted. Clinical operations professionals can walk away from their day with a huge amount of job satisfaction as they work towards improving and developing lifesaving technology and drugs. For those looking to move forward in their clinical operations career, they will be pleased to know there is a 17% market growth rate expected by 2024, as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A positive figure for ambitious individuals.

EPM Scientific offer permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions to support the whole product life-cycle from research and development through to market launch and pharmacovigilance. The firm's team of dedicated consultants are based in 12+ offices worldwide, giving them an international reach as well as fantastic local knowledge. The German team are based in Berlin and have an unrivalled grasp on the German life sciences market. Germany benefits significantly from cutting edge research, the country's long production tradition and immediate market access to pharmaceuticals. EPM Scientific have built a network of one million mid-to-senior professionals to connect ambitious individuals with their dream corporation and career. As part of the Phaidon International group, EPM Scientific are the chosen recruitment partner for over 70 world-leading companies globally. The firm have invested heavily in the regular training of their employees and consultants to ensure the best-in-class recruitment technology is used to produce optimal results for clients and candidates.

There is a plethora of roles available through EPM Scientific for the right individuals. Those included are: case management – manager, senior medical director – drug safety, sales representative spine, medical science manager gastroenterology, senior analyst commercial analytics, medical writer, director of business development, manufacturing technician, quality relationship manager and director of new innovations and technologies. EPM Scientific play a prominent role in clinical operations recruitment and more in the healthcare industry. Their service is unrivalled due to their top tier support services such as market updates and risk awareness so that clients are making informed hiring decisions during such disruptive times.

"During uncertain times, EPM Scientific offers reassurance. Crises come in many different forms – financial crashes, oil gluts, and now a global pandemic", commented Luis Rolm, Global Marketing Director at EPM Scientific. He went on to say, "Yet, whatever the challenge, we remain steadfast in our service. We continue to offer guidance to clients in the clinical operations sector and help them secure top talent."

EPM Scientific have recently published a whitepaper detailing advice and guidance on how to rebalance the work-life ratio for employees. It is a significant read for those in leadership and managerial roles looking to adapt their strategy and connect in a more effective way with their staff. The report gives tips and tricks on how to harness the work from home routine many of us are now in and grapple with the many challenges we are facing as a result. EPM Scientific understand that the wellbeing and productivity of employees is paramount in a time of such disruption. It is worth a read if you are struggling to form a virtual connection and lead an online capacity.

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