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Clinical Study Reveals Bone Grafts from Orthogen, LLC Effective for Bone Regeneration


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2014 -- When an individual loses tooth, an extraction socket is formed in the mouth. Typically sufficient bone is not available in the socket to place an implant. Bone grafts like NanoGen, offered by Orthogen, LLC, needs to be placed in the socket to encourage bone regeneration. A clinical study published in the journal Clinical Advances in Periodontics has revealed the effective use of NanoGen for guided bone regeneration in a molar extraction socket. Clinical Advances in Periodontics is an official journal of the American Academy of Periodontics.

The study profiled a 41-year-old female patient who arrived at a private clinic. She had a hopeless tooth that required extraction (atraumatic). The area within the extraction socket was cleaned, whereas any instance of infected or inflamed tissue were removed by a dentist. The dentist created a putty by adding saline to the NanoGen powder. The putty was then placed in an extraction socket, which was closed with a guided tissue regeneration barrier membrane.

The patient was followed regularly after the surgery. After four months, the patient received two dental implants into the extraction socket. Before placing implants, a core of the bone from the center of the grafted area was removed and sent to an independent lab for histological and histomorphometric analysis. The histological pictures demonstrated robust dental bone regeneration with presence of osteoblasts, bone marrow and blood vessels, which is indicative of vital bone. The histomorphometrical analysis showed that the healed socket contained 52 percent bone and 48 percent soft tissue. It also revealed 100 percent of the bone was vital. The study concluded that nCS is an effective treatment for guided bone regeneration. Implants were restored four months after their initial placement and have performed well.

Orthogen, LLC has been providing innovative solutions for dental bone grafting needs under the direction of Dr. Mamidwar for multiple decades. To hear more about Orthogen, LLC and their innovative bone graft material for dental use, please contact 877-336-8643 or visit their website.

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Originally a division of BioLok International now merged with BioHorizons, Orthogen LLC was established in 2007 to develop and market next generation bone-grafting products for orthopedic and dental applications. Dr. Sachin Mamidwar serves as CEO of the company whereas Dr. Harold Alexander, previously Director of Orthopedic research at Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York serves as a Chairman of the Board. Orthogen offers various products including DentoGen®, NanoGen, related instruments and sutures used for dental applications. To inquire about the company’s products and technologies, please call 1-877-336-8643.

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