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Clinical Study Reveals Orthogen LLC Nanotechnology-Based Product, NanoGen, Safe for Patients with Chronic Periodontitis


Springfield, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2014 -- After years of research and development, Orthogen LLC has been issued a patent for their commercialized and novel dental bone graft material, NanoGen. The product became the first nanotechnology-based dental bone graft allowed for marketing by the FDA. Over last 2 years, a clinical study was conducted to test the use of NanoGen in infrabony defects in patients with chronic periodontitis. Orthogen LLC is proud to announce that the study concluded, their development—NanoGen—was considered highly valuable in the treatment of periodontal defects.

The study was conducted in India by Dr. Ashish Jain, a periodontist trained at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and Goldman School of Dental Medicine. A total of 12 patients, with 30 infrabony defects, were treated with flap surgery and grafting of NanoGen. This product is presented in the granular form and encourages the mineralization of bone. Once the procedure was completed, the patients were given detailed oral hygiene instructions. Antibiotic treatment was given for a week.

The clinical and radiographic results were assessed after three, and six months. A statistically significant improvement in radiographic bone fill was observed in infrabony defects treated with Orthogen LLC developed product, NanoGen. Results demonstrated significant improvement in other parameters like gingival index, plaque index, as well as pocket depth. Dr. Jain concluded that NanoGen is a valuable option for the treatment of infrabony defects.

Orthogen LLC prides itself on developing and offering a product that results in effective bone regeneration. The exclusive, nanocrystalline calcium sulfate based NanoGen is able to treat a wide variety of conditions, including sinus lifts, extraction sockets, and infrabony effects. To hear more about the innovative bone graft material for dental use, or to inquire about purchasing this product for a dental office, please contact Orthogen LLC at 1-877-336-8643 or visit their website today. NanoGen is sold in 2 kits of one-gram each and includes saline as a setting solution.

About Orthogen LLC
Originally a division of BioLok International now merged with BioHorizons, Orthogen LLC was established in 2007 to develop and market next generation bone-grafting products for orthopedic and dental applications. Dr. Sachin Mamidwar serves as CEO of the company whereas Dr. Harold Alexander, previously Director of Orthopedic research at Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York serves as a Chairman of the Board. Orthogen offers various products including DentoGen®, NanoGen, related instruments and sutures used for dental applications. To inquire about the company’s products and technologies, please call 1-877-336-8643.

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