Clinical Waste Solutions Offers Clinical Waste Containers of Different Sizes


Christchurch, Dorset -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2012 -- Clinical Waste Solutions, a leading service provider in the waste management industry, now offers clinical waste containers of different sizes. These containers vary in their respective capacities to hold wastes (the minimum being 1 liter and the maximum being 770 liters). The purpose behind introducing these containers in varying size ranges is to ensure that clients receive a clinical waste management service package that is tailored to meet their individual needs. The company has come up with this product at a time when the clinical waste management industry is struggling to find out effective medium/(s) capable of handling clinical waste disposal.

Apart from providing clinical waste management services(which include clinical waste collection and clinical waste disposal) the organization also specializes in providing medical waste management services to clinics, health and beauty clinics, hospitals to name a few. The company operates throughout UK (which includes areas like Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Hampshire). Over the years the company has been known to provide consistent and reliable waste management services to customers (individuals as well as businesses) thus enabling them to forge long-term relationships with these customers. Apart from providing waste management services the organization also offers a fully integrated service of collection and recycling of cardboard and paper waste, general commercial waste, construction waste, UPVC waste etc.

Clinical Waste Solutions is known to offer dental, sharps disposal & medical waste management services to dentists and doctors since 2002. Their commitment to providing cost effective medical and dental waste collection services has driven CWS to create low cost, total waste management service just for surgeries. They offer customized waste management solutions to their customers. The flexibility of these (waste management) contracts allows the customer to choose the frequency (bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly) for waste collection that best suit them according to the amount of waste produced. The company also provides complimentary waste management advice to customers. Clinical Waste Solutions also provides ad-hoc waste collection services to those clients who are in need of disposing accumulated wastes.

Clinical Waste Solutions was established in the year 2002 to provide affordable medical waste management services to people and businesses of Dorset. Over the years the organization has experienced spontaneous growth and now operates throughout Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Hampshire and Cornwall. The company is known to provide quality and effective waste management services at attractive rates and has been introducing periodic offers and discounts .The company employs a team of experienced and customer friendly employees who have the proper skills and knowledge required to effectively manage such bio hazardous wastes. Apart from providing clinical waste management and medical waste management services the company also helps customers in General waste management(like WEEE waste) thus taking one more step towards the creation of a healthy environment. To learn more visit